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"Pediatric Concussions: Early Recognition and Treatment "
Courtesy of Alexandra's Playground
Sports can play a big part in keeping kids active and healthy, but also bring a risk of injuries – including concussions. For young athletes, preventing these injuries is often as simple as awareness and education. This video offers a firsthand look at young athletes affected by concussions who share their stories in an effort to keep others safe. Featuring U.S. Women’s Soccer Gold Medalist Heather O’Reilly.


"Head Games"
How Much of You are You Wiling to Lose For a Game?
Head Games is a revealing documentary about the silent concussion crisis in American sports - and one of the leading public health issues of our time. Athletes from the professional to the youth levels share their personal struggles in dealing with the devastating and long-term effects of concussions, an epidemic fueled by the “leave everything on the field” culture so prominent in American sport. Courtesy Prodigy Public Relations.


“Tackling Concussions Webinar”
08 August 2012 - A Program From the Positive Coaching Alliance
Join Dr. Jeff Mjaanes from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR), Mike Overturf of the Illinois Athletic Trainers Association (IATA), and Jim Osborne, PCA Trainer  for a special webinar to discuss the latest in concussion research and prevention, as well as to answer general questions.


“Preventing Injuries in Youth Sports Webcast”
17 April 2012 - Sponsored by DePuy Mitek
Our first ever webcast featured renowned sports medicine professionals, including James Andrews, MD, Peter Indelicato, MD, Christopher Harner, MD, Lyle Micheli, MD and William Levine, MD presenting injury prevention strategies for young athletes and answering questions on hot topics in youth sports safety today.


“Keeping Quiet Can Keep You Out of the Game”
21 December 2011 - courtesy of the CDC
Not every athlete is lucky enough to have a second chance. This powerful story shows how keeping concussion symptoms quiet kept one girl off the court for good.


“Go Play: Baseball Injury Prevention”
Kevan Ketterling, MD – Fox Valley Orthopedics Institute
The Fox Valley Orthopedics Institute provides sports injury prevention advice through its “Go Play” initiative.  The video provides advice for avoiding baseball injuries, including thorough warm-ups before practice and games and refraining from year-round play.


“Go Play: Cheerleading Injury Prevention”
Laura Lemke, MD – Fox Valley Orthopedics Institute
The Fox Valley Orthopedics Institute provides sports injury prevention advice through its “Go Play” initiative.  With one of the highest rates of serious injury in youth sports, cheerleading can be dangerous if not approached with proper conditioning and training. 


“Go Play: Lacrosse Injury Prevention”
Vishal Mehta, MD – Fox Valley Orthopedics Institute
The Fox Valley Orthopedics Institute stresses the importance of taking the proper steps to avoid sports injuries.  This video notes that warm-ups, conditioning, and strength training are crucial to staying healthy – along with proper equipment and adequate rest. 


"Youth Sports Injuries: The Pressure on Kids to Excel in Sports"
Peter J. Millett, MD, MSc - Vail Valley Medical Center
This presentation examines how growing pressure on young athletes has contributed to the epidemic of injuries today, with a look at how the STOP Sports Injuries campaign aims to help change this mindset. 


"Concussions in Football: Signs, Symptoms & Playing Safe" 
1 March 2011
Narrated by Steve Young, former NFL Quarterback
The National Academy of Neurophyschology Foundation (NAN) and the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) produced this video to educate athletes, health professionals, coaches, parents, administrators and others about concussions in football.


"Tips for Keeping Athletes Hydrated with Marjorie Albohm"
Marjorie Albohm, MS, ATC, Certified Athletic Trainer
Marjorie Albohm, president of the National Athletic Trainer's Association, discusses heat and health problems with host Barbara Lewis on Sound Medicine. Albohm has suggestions for parents and coaches to protect athletes from heat illness and dehydration as they participate in two-a-day practices in the heat of summer.


"STOP Sports Injuries" Youth Sport Injury Prevention Tips and Resources
Sam Bradford, John Smoltz, James R. Andrews, MD
Watch orthopaedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, MLB player John Smoltz and Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford talk about the growing epidemic of youth sports injuries and the creation of STOP Sports Injuries.