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Join the STOP (Sports Trauma and Overuse Prevention) Sports Injuries movement and become an official, organizational affiliate by submitting our simple form. All groups accepted are listed on our collaborating organizations map, and provided additional sports safety resources. There is no fee to join. Organizations of all types are getting involved from sports medicine practices and hospitals to sports and recreation organizations and child safety groups. Sign-up your organization today!

Review the categories of organizations we proudly collaborate with below, as well as our Terms of Participation Agreement, before applying to join our team. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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View a description of each organization category below:

Child Safety Organizations

Incorporated, not-for-profit child safety organizations involved with education and/or research of sports injuries.)

Medical Institutions

Incorporated medical institutions, such as hospitals, clinics, institutes and health plans, involved with treatment, education and/or research of sports medicine injuries.)

Professional Health Organizations

Incorporated, not-for-profit professional health organizations involved with education and/or research of sports medicine injuries.)

Sports Medicine Practices

Incorporated sports medicine practices of physicians and/or allied health professionals involved with the treatment of sports medicine injuries.

Sports and Recreation Organizations

Participating organizations are recognized within one of 4 categories:

Recreation Programs: National and community recreation and fitness programs that sponsor events, camps or other activities that are formally affiliated with an incorporated entity.
National Governing Body: An organization responsible for overseeing and coordinating a sport (or sport related activity) on a national level. It must be formally incorporated, governed by a board of directors and provide governing standards for the sport.
Sports Leagues: A federation of sports teams, generally affiliated with a National Governing Body, in that sport. Sports leagues can be national, regional, professional, scholastic or amateur. Leagues that are not affiliated with a National Governing Body must be formally incorporated and governed by a Board of Directors.
Sports Teams: Amateur, scholastic, recreational or professional teams participating in a sports league.

Join Our Team Application

Once you have identified a category for your organization, review the terms and designated criteria specified in the STOP Sports Injuries Terms of Participation Agreement to ensure you meet the requirements. Then click below to apply as an official collaborator of STOP Sports Injuries!