STOP Sports Injuries Outreach Committee

A multitude of top experts in sports medicine have volunteered to serve on the STOP Sports Injuries Outreach committee, listed below:

Daryl C. Osbahr, MD, Chair
Anthony J. Abene, MD
William R. Barfield, PhD, FACSM
James Bicos, MD
Matthew T. Boes, MD
Kenneth L. Cameron, PhD, MPH, ATC
Eric W. Edmonds, MD
Hany Elrashidy, MD
Kenneth M. Fine, MD
Jeremy S. Frank, MD
Timothy E. Hewett, PhD, FACSM
Benton E. Heyworth, MD
Sara K. Jurek, MD
Matthew J. Panzarella, MD
Charles Aaron Popkin, MD
Matthew A. Posner, MD
Jeffrey A. Russell, PhD, ATC