Promotion and Outreach


Promotion and Outreach

Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media

Below are some simple ways to reach your audience and garner event attendance at virtually no cost.

  • Create flyers and post them in local stores, schools, coffee shops, gyms, and recreation centers frequented by your target audiences.
  • Promote the event through your organization's electronic newsletter.
  • Ask school districts and community sports leagues to post information about the event on their websites.
  • Ask local schools, youth athletic leagues, and coaches' associations to send email blasts or flyers about the event.
  • Submit the event to the STOP Sports Injuries online events calendar and the STOP Sports Injuries Facebook page.
  • Use social media tools like Facebook ( and Twitter ( to post information about the event and send out date, time, and location reminders. "Friend" partners, other organizations, and school districts on Facebook and ask those groups to post the information. Ask colleagues, family, and friends to share the information through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Look for free advertising space in local newspapers, magazines, and television stations reserved for community events.
  • Write a blog for a local news organization about sports injury prevention and mention the event.
  • Personalize STOP Sports Injuries tip sheets with your organization's logo by becoming an official, collaborating organization of the STOP Sports Injuries campaign

STOP Sports Injuries has aseembled a Starter Kit of information to help you get the word out. To order this starter pack, click here. Each pack includes:

  • 1 pack of 50 of each of the 38 STOP Sports Injuries tip sheets
  • 25 STOP Sports Injuries folders
  • 2 STOP Sports Injuries posters
  • 50 STOP stickers
  • 50 STOP tattoos
  • 2 STOP prescription pads
  • 2 STOP lapel pins

STOP Sports Injuries' partner organizations' websites may offer additional resources for your event. Be sure to check out: