Planning an Event


Planning an Event

1. Appoint a Coordinator

Identify a coordinator who will: oversee planning of the event, act as the point person for all details, assign tasks, and follow up to ensure that tasks are completed.


2. Hold a Planning Meeting

The first meeting should be a brainstorming session. Be sure to include any partners already involved. If all of the topics can not be covered at one meeting, schedule another meeting to finalize major decisions.


3. At the Meeting

  • Identify your audience, topic, potential partners, and possible speakers (See Holding a Local Event).
  • Identify a location and date for the event.
  • Determine the length of the event.
  • Determine how you will promote the event.
  • Decide what types of materials will be needed at the event.
  • Determine which media outlets should be contacted for coverage of the event.
  • Create a list of jobs to be completed and assign tasks and deadlines.